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Mystery Shirt

If you love a good deal, then, good golly, have we got the item for you!? Pay us $14 & we'll send you a random shirt. No guarantees on design, color, or effectiveness in protecting you from coronavirus, but we will guarantee it'll be wearable and comfortable and the size of your choice.

It'll almost certainly be a unisex t-shirt, but it could be a hoodie, a 3/4-sleeve raglan, or a crewneck sweatshirt. It could even be one of our vintage Everything Is Fine, We're All Going To Die denim jackets... but it won't be...... but it could be............

Anyway, what the hell else are you gonna do with fourteen dollars? Buy 7 two-dollar bills?? We didn't think so.

No returns or exchanges.

We appreciate your support during these tough times for small businesses like ourselves.

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