What's the deal with the items that are "Sold Out"? - Our online store shares inventory with brick & mortar location. We make every effort to update availability online when we print new items, but there are occasional delays up to a couple days, where we may have items in-store that are not available online.

Can I call and have you hold an item? Can I order online and pick it up in store? - We do not take calls or emails to hold items for in-store pickup. We typically try to give everyone a fair opportunity to purchase by announcing re-prints and limited edition items in advance of their availability. Depending on demand, however, some items may available in-store only, or online only. We ask that local customers do not use our online store as a means to have items held and picked up in-store. So any item(s) ordered online will be shipped to the shipping address provided by the customer.

What's the shipping sitch? - We will not be fulfilling online orders from January-February 2021. Shipping should resume in March, after we've made some updates and added new products!

I didn't receive an order confirmation. Please advise. - You should receive an automated confirmation that is sent to the email address you provided. If you didn't, you may want to check your junk mail folder. If it's not there, you may have accidentally entered the wrong email; don't feel bad, though, because it actually happens quite a bit and your order is probably on its way.

Sizing and Fits - Most of our t-shirts are printed on American Apparel; here is their sizing guide. Some other items are printed on Alternative Apparel; here is their sizing guide.

Returns & Exchanges - We're happy to do exchanges or take returns for items that don't fit or have a manufacturing defect that we didn't catch, as long as the item in question hasn't been washed or worn and is brought to our attention within a reasonable timeframe after purchase (typically 30 days).