Custom Printing

We're big fans of supporting other small-to-medium-sized businesses, so in addition to printing for our own retail shoppe, we partner with many companies locally and nationally to help fulfill their merchandise needs! T-shirts are usually the soup du jour, but we can print just about anything we can lay flat, such as pennants, towels, and tote bags, as well as paper products, like business cards and posters. And it's all at pretty reasonable prices.

As with our own items, we use water-based inks and print every item by hand, to achieve maximum comfort and quality for your customers and/or employees. We're happy to use your current designs, or to work with you to create new designs. Your wish is our command...within reason, of course.

Scroll down to see some of the previous work we've done, and if you're interested in partnering with us, or just want some more information, contact Kelly Gough at to get the ball rollin'!

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