We're Opening Our Studio (Press Release)

We're Opening Our Studio (Press Release)

Normal Human Opens “Good Golly” in the Crossroads

Retail and screen printing shop Normal Human will be hosting an open house for the public to see their new production space, called Good Golly, at 1815 McGee St on First Friday, November 6th. They will be joined by other makers and startups including: Maker Goods, who will offer patrons a chance to sample some of the art products they sell; Basement Soap, who will hand out samples of their all-natural hand & body soap; and Boxo Coffee, a recently launched monthly coffee subscription, who will be serving up brewed coffee from Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters.

The space at 1815 will operate under the name Good Golly, and will have a variety of uses. “Since this space will serve a different purpose than our retail space in Westport, we went with a different name, so people won’t see a ‘Normal Human’ sign in the Crossroads and expect it to be a second retail location,” said Pat Egger, co-founder of Normal Human, adding that there will be a long-form name “Good Golly: the Creation Division of Normal Human” so it has ties to the Westport location.

Why ‘Good Golly,’ then? “Honestly, there’s not really any meaning behind this name,” explained Dan Mahaney, who founded Normal Human with Egger. “We have so many people ask where ‘Normal Human’ came from, so we wanted this to just be memorable and maybe a little weird-slash-funny. We made a list of about 100 possibilities, ranging from literal to abstract, and ended up going with something pretty random that we just liked the sound of, that doesn’t pigeon-hole it into serving one purpose or another.”

The open house is expected to begin at 5pm and end around 9pm on November 6th.
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